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Trying To carefully Return The Ductless A/C

The two of us were pretty angry during the last year that we purchased a ductless mini chop air conditioner on clearance.

  • See dealer, and the two of us got that ductless mini chop air conditioner back home and installed it to find out the thing was not working.

The ductless mini chop air conditioner was absolutely broken. The two of us turn that thing on and heard it making an incredible squeaking and Loud hum. It cracked right out. I could have easily sworn that I ordered a little bit of smoke, so the two of us decided to contact the heating and cooling company that we purchased the turkey product directly. We want them to know we were unhappy with the happening. They give us some runaround about exchanging the last one. They tried to tell us they sold the last a single and the two of us did not have any more ductless mini chops at Claire’s prices. They offered single of those proper at a single if what difference was paid, and that made both of us. I immediately demanded that the two of us get a director on that iPhone directly. The two of us went round and then another round for many hours until we agreed on exchanging the broken ductless mini chop air conditioner for current a singles. I suppose this finally was just the thing to do to make contact us and reports and fragile activities. The whole thing was a giant headache and I will not purchase something from that company in the future.


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