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The Heating and A/C Company has a Calendar

During this last year, the heating and AC patrons gave away free calendars too many loyal customers.

This didn’t happen to be in an average calendar, which means a truly useful single in some heating, ventilation, and AC needs.

The large calendar came with a few notes and special dates to allow the service to heating and cooling companies. They even had special coupons on each one of the books, and the heating and cooling of products and even Services seem to be on sale. There was open space for people to make some reminder notes, and then there was information regarding heating, ventilation, and AC check ups in addition to tune-ups as well. This turned out to be a wonderful gift from our cooling and heating business. The two of us easily flipped through out the calendar to see what type of Maintenance was do in the few months. There was a special for outdated furnace tune-ups during the month of November. I have myself and outdated furnace and the two of us could use a tune-up on this piece of equipment. It’s been so various months since the two of us have work on the outdated furnace, and these wonderful prices made the two of us believe that the heating, ventilation, and AC company was wonderful too. When the furnace started making noises during the month of our over, I also had a special discounted rate coupon that provided us with 20% off of the service. The calendar was a great idea and I’m Blissful that everything has worked out well.


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