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Giving it the old college try

Going away to college is the first real test of independence for just about everyone.

Sure, you may have been away from home before for a few days here or there but, you never really had to rely on yourself as much as you do when living in the dorms.

For most the first year is always a challenge and you wonder if you will even survive. Those who make it to their Sophomore year are pretty savvy and can fend for themselves. There are some things that can help along the way. You learned that just about any meal can be cooked completely in the microwave if using a Ziploc bag, and you learn how to tune out all the loud noises parties when you need to cram for an exam. One of the things I learned in college was how to make my sleeping area cooler so that I could get a decent night’s sleep as we didn’t have central air. We weren’t allowed to install window units either so I used a fan with a bucket of ice positioned in front of it blowing on me during the night. I recalled these days when my HVAC system broke last week and it was nearly 90 degrees outside. My appointment was two days away and I knew I had to find a way to survive and get some sleep at night so I would be prepared for work. I dragged an old bucket out of the garage and filled it with ice. I then grabbed a large box fan and placed it on the opposite side so that it would blow towards our bed while we were sleeping but have to pass over the bucket of ice at the same time. My wife laughed at me at first but when she realized it really was cooler she was thankful that I had been so resourceful back in my college days.

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