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I didn’t even know what the thermostat was called!

I know that I should take better care of my things, but I have always had a problem with maintenance and upkeep.

This is partly due to the fact that I have never cared much about material possessions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not religious or anything, I’m just part of the new breed of millennial that isn’t into owning a bunch of stuff. I have my computer, a few clothes, and a place to live, why do I need a bunch of other things? Of course because of this I don’t know very much about maintenance and upkeep, because I have nothing to keep up! This also means I know nothing about HVAC systems, or how to take care of them. All I know is that when I moved into a place it has AC and heating, and a little thingie on the wall to control both of them. A quick google search tells me that the “thingie” in question is actually called a thermostat. If I want the air or the heating to turn on, I just go play around with the thermostat until I am comfortable. I honestly had no clue about things like checking the air filter, or making sure the outdoor component was free and clear of debris. As a renter I know that the landlord is in charge of maintaining the HVAC system of the place, but he isn’t the one that has to go without AC when it breaks. Taking better care of the air conditioner will help me out, by making sure it never breaks down on me.



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