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Life was much cooler as a kid

I would give anything to go back to childhood.

Remember how awesome it was to not pay rent, or for electricity, utilities, food, or anything else? Being a kid is a charmed like for most of us, and you just don’t realize how good you have it until you don’t have it any more.

As a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up, and now I have no clue why I ever felt like that! I have to work a job I hate to pay all these bills, so pinching pennies and finding ways to save money has become a hobby of mine. My first target was the central HVAC system, which I know is a huge chunk of my utility bills every month. I was reading on an HVAC blog that turning your thermostat down even by one degree can add up to a big savings over time. I wanted to go bigger than that, so I started adjusting my thermostat by three degrees. Now instead of the air conditioning kicking on at 75 degrees it doesn’t engage until it gets up to 78. Yes, the house is a little warmer than it used to be, but the AC is still on so it never gets too warm. I will make even bigger changes to my use of heating this winter, and just rely more on blankets and heavy clothes. Last winter I kept my thermostat set to 70, so the furnace would engage many times per hour, so I will bump it down to 65 and see how it all turns out!
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