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My fireplace needs some work, but then again, so does my whole heating system!

Winter is a hard time of the year for me.

It’s not very cold where I live, but the weather feels much colder than it really is! That’s the downfall of living in the south, you know.

The summers are very hot and wet, with regular showers every afternoon. The winter time, however, is very cold thanks to that humidity felt during the summer! Even though it’s only forty-five degrees outside, it feels closer to thirty! It can really stink, especially if you aren’t living with a working heating system. The electric furnace for my home broke down last winter, and I just haven’t had the time, patience or resources to get it fixed. To make matters even more complicated, I can’t even use the fireplace in my house to make up for this lack of warmth! The fireplace was heavily damaged by the previous homeowner at this house, as they lit a fire in the firepit using gasoline. Needless to say, it grew very quickly – and out of hand! So, I think this fall, I’m going to just pony up the cash to get this repair completed for the electric furnace. I tried to make due with portable space heaters last year, but I couldn’t sleep at all! It was always too warm or too cold with those space heaters, as I could never find the sweet spot for temperatures that allowed me to get some rest. I think that before long, I’m going to end up catching a bad sickness from sleeping in the cold all the time. I better fix this soon before it happens, and I have nothing but increasingly worsening air quality to try and get better!


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