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Untitled piece, inspired by A/C equipment

Having grown up with two parents that were orchestral musicians, I naturally had an affinity for classical music. As I grew older, that appreciation evolved into a love for both classical and contemporary music of today. It didn’t take long for me to have my own place, complete with my own musical recording studio! It was so much fun to write songs and record them in that studio, but there were definitely some days that weren’t so easy to get through. This “studio” was a shed on my property that I soundproofed, and made possible for me to record without interruption. However, there was such terrible air quality in the shed! The lack of proper heating and A/C made it much harder to get through a decent recording session. To address this, I decided to invest in a ductless mini-split system for heating and cooling the space. I could run the A/C in the summer to keep it nice and cool while I had lengthy drumming sessions, and I could also keep the heat coming in the winter to stay toasty during an acoustic set! At one point, I even used the quiet hum of the ductless mini-split A/C system to inspire me to write a song. The ductless mini-split was not very loud, but my hearing is very sensitive. I was able to pick up on the tone made by that A/C system as it ran, so I could in turn create a song using the note that the A/C unit was playing. It’s incredible where you can find inspiration as a musician!


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