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I lost my spare keys, and found them in the most odd place

Don’t you hate it when you put something down, and then it disappears into thin air? I have had it happen to me several times in my life.

But usually, I find the lost item within a day or so. Well, this time it wasn’t so easy when I lost my set of spare keys. I could not figure out for the life of me what had happened to them. I checked the bathroom, the kitchen, and I even looked in a closet where I keep a few of my space heaters that I heat my home in the winter with. When I looked at the space heaters, something made me think of my outside HVAC unit! Cause after all, the space heaters are there to not have to use the central heating and air conditioning system in the winter to save money on my electric bills. When I went outside and checked around my central heating and air conditioning unit, would you believe this? I found my spare keys! I must have thrown them down on top of the HVAC unit while I was doing some minor cleaning in the yard the other day! I am glad that they were on the HVAC unit. Because my central heating and air conditioning system is in my backyard, and the backyard is private and closed off. If I had them out in front of the house, they could have got stolen by anyone! I guess this was a real lucky break. Not to mention, it was a sigh of major relief that I found my spare keys! After all, they were to my house.



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