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The nose burning smell from the fireplace

I have had a really nice fireplace in my home for many years now, and the fireplace has never caused me any problems until recently.

  • I had noticed that every time I have been going to use the fireplace within the last month, there is this really strong nose burning smell coming from it! The smell is so strong and burning, that I had to turn off the fireplace.

It’s an electric fireplace too, I wanted to mention this fact. I checked to make sure something didn’t fall in there and was burning up. After all, not only could that cause a fire, but it could be toxic as well. After figuring out that there was nothing I could do, I decided to look around and try to find a fireplace repair professional. When I found one, I set up an appointment for the repair guy to come over to see what was going on with my electric fireplace. After the fireplace repair professional had a real strong look at everything, he said he found the problem! It looked as if in the inner part the electric fireplace, a few shreds of paper ended up getting in there from when I was doing some paper shredding in my office. When I thought about it, it was because I had dumped my trash can close by with the paper shreds. And somehow, a few pieces flaked into the electric fireplace! I felt so foolish. I paid the fireplace repair professional, and I learned to keep everything away from my fireplace!



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