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I just want to go home

For the past few years all I have been looking forward to was heading off to college.

I felt constantly pinned down from my overbearing parents and wanted some freedom for the first time! Now that the time has finally come and I am officially at college I am finding out the hard way that it isn’t as great as I had hoped.

For starters, my roommate and I don’t get along at all. They seemed to be nice guys at the start but after a few weeks I realized how incompatible our personalities are. The second biggest factor ruining my college experience is the fact that the apartment that I am renting is terrible. The air conditioning unit currently installed in the home is extremely old and useless. I have begged my parents more than a few times to have them hire an HVAC repair tech to install a more up to date air conditioning unit but they wanted to deal with the discomfort in order to get the full “college experience”. I have even reached out to our landlord to discuss the a/c concern I have, but my demands were forgotten as soon as our phone call was over. So far being in college has taught me many things both in and out of the classroom. One of the life lessons that has stuck with me the most so far is pretty simple. Enjoy you day as it is happening, because you never know how good or bad the next part of your life will be. Maybe one day I will start to enjoy college but I am not going to get my hopes up!


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