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Flu season gets me now and then

I don’t go to the doctor’s office often, and I’m glad for that.

That’s because typically, I’m pretty healthy.

Throughout the year, I have a clean bill of health, but it seems like the flu season is what gets me every now and then. I don’t even like taking sick days off work, because nobody seems to pick up the slack in my absence, and I come back to a bunch of work! Anyway, I really don’t like visiting the doctor’s office because of how cold it is in there. And guess what? I get sick during the winter the most. Do they have nice, toasty, comfortable heating? I wish. When I walk in there during the winter time when I’m down with the flu, I always have to ask myself something. It’s a question that puzzles me as I wait for the doctor to call me in. Are they running the air conditioning, or are they simply using no heat whatsoever? It’s actually hard to tell. I’d ask the doctor, but I really don’t feel like I have time to make jokes. I just want him to give me my medication and anything else I need, so I can get the heck out of there! Then, I rush home to the comfort of my furnace. I guess taking sick days off isn’t so bad at home. I can set the thermostat to a nice cozy temperature, and drink some nice tea and honey. I do whatever I can to make myself as comfortable as possible and to relieve the symptoms of the flu.

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