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Driving around with great climate control

My commute to and from work would be awful without the great HVAC unit in my truck.

I gotta drive 50 minutes back and forth every weekday. Depending on the season, it’s the ride there or the ride back that’s particularly uncomfortable without some form of climate control. In the winter, the mornings can be freezing cold, literally. I pride myself on how fast my truck gets warm though. I don’t have to sit in the drive for very long before the engine and the interior is nice and toasty! I got my big thermos of coffee or tea depending on my mood that morning, and I got my favorite funny radio show. I tell you, that’s what gets me to work in the morning during the winter. The afternoons driving back in the winter are a little more merciful, and I don’t have to use the heat as much. It’s afternoons in the summer driving back home that are a real pain in the butt. I got the blazing sun shining right on me, because I’m heading due west to get back home. I need a good pair of shades and I need that precious air conditioner! There’s no radio show I like during that time, so I just change the station to my favorite music or play my CDs. It’s tough driving for nearly an hour to get to work and back, but my climate control in my car has my back. I feel bad for the poor sap who takes a similar trip every day with crappy or no climate control!

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