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I appreciate the sizzling Summer southern when it comes to Summer getaway, but I’m not sure that I could live down here all year.

I love a warm, sunny beach during the afternoon and a nice, cool air conditioned hotel room at night… But I can tell you that I truly living down here would be a bit of an issue with the amount of heat and humidity.

I’m told that an air conditioner machine is truly necessary throughout most of the year. That’s truly ridiculous to me, considering the fact that I do not honestly need my air conditioner 5 months out of the year where I am from. Some people in my section go without air conditioner altogether in favor of just having a gas furnace. That’s truly happens more often than not, although the two of us do have heat waves now and again in the summer. I have been told it could be sixty degrees or hotter during Wintertide where I am getawaying. Now that’s something I could never get used to! Besides, when I get away down south, I do not have to worry about fixing an Heating and A/C unit. If I get a hotel room and the air conditioner is not laboring, I simply get a new hotel room! Always making sure that your air conditioner is fixed and ready for sizzling weather seems love a bit of a bore. The air conditioner at my parent’s apartment where I grew up lasted for fifty years! I do not recognize it would have lasted nearly as long if it had to deal with the heat down south!
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