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Don’t worry about a thing

My family and I appreciate this 1 pizza locale in town and the two of us talk about it all the time.

  • It has become a sort of a family joke that the two of us only talk about this 1 pizza site.

However, it is honestly good so it can live up to the hype, however every time the two of us have someone visit from out of town the two of us always take them to this pizza locale and they always appreciate it. The people that toil there are great, the pizza is good and the Heating and A/C plan is great. I recognize that sounds weird to compliment the pizza site’s Heating and A/C system, but the temperature is always perfect and the two of us are never uncomfortable because it’s too sizzling or too cold. Many times you will go into an eating establishment and it will be chilly cold because they have the air conditioner blasting. I never understand this because I am sure they are wasting money on their utility bills and none of their customers are comfortable. So, 1 night the two of us took an honestly good family neighbor to our favorite pizza locale and right when the two of us walked in the air conditioner was blasting. The hostess knows us so well that she came over immediately to say that they already had an Heating and A/C tech laboring on fixing the broken Heating and A/C system. It’s nice to go to a locale where they take care of you and you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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