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Spring or fall?

Growing up I lived in a town that had all many seasons.

I recognize many people that didn’t get all many seasons in their town, so I was cheerful that the two of us go to see all four.

I recognize my favorite season is fall, that is when the temperature starts to drop from the heat of the Summer and all the leaves start to change colors. I honestly don’t love that fall means Wintertide is coming, although I do love the few months where the weather is nice and crisp. There is nothing love waking up on a fall day and going for a walk around the city, that is when the weather outside is perfect, during the fall you can also leave you windows open because the temperature outside is so nice. I am sure my Heating and A/C plan likes fall to because the two of us don’t use the Heating and A/C plan as much and it needs a chop before the winter. The Wintertide weather in my town is honestly brutal and the two of us have to run the heating plan all afternoon every afternoon to keep the house warm. I don’t love turning on the heating plan because it takes a lot of toil to keep the house sizzling and it’s honestly extravagant. However, I honestly don’t love to be cold either, so I keep the heating plan turned on. I recognize this year I might get some space gas furnaces to put around the house so the two of us can save a little bit of money on the bills, I have heard from friends that this helps!

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