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Sounds about right

For the past couple of weeks I have been having some problems with my car. I recognize that my car is truly on it’s last leg because I have had it for over fifteen years,but I honestly don’t want to have to buy a new 1 when I have a perfectly nice car, however well, I guess perfect wouldn’t be the way to describe it. There are a lot of problems with my car that I have been overlooking for a while now. The gas gauge doesn’t work, the windows don’t roll down and as of Last month the air conditioner doesn’t work. I recognize that my friends and family are weary of hearing me complain about my crappy car, although I honestly dont’ have the money to repair it right now, much less get a new 1. However, it is the middle of the Summer and I recognize that I can’t go for too long without the air conditioner laboring. Thankfully, 1 of my best friends works for a mechanic shop and specializes in laboring on air conditioners in cars. I am honestly hoping that she will cut me a deal so that I don’t have to spend my money the full price, although I guess at this point I don’t honestly have any other options. I don’t want to ride around for the rest of the Summer with a laboring air conditioner in my car, that just sounds miserable. I don’t recognize my boss would love for me to show up to toil sizzling everyday either.



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