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There might be mice in there

For the past couple of nights my little girl has been coming into my room complaining that she is hearing something moving in the ceiling! Hearing your child say something love this is never something you want to hear, although I knew there had to be a sufficient explanation as to what she was hearing.

So I went into her room and heard the same thing that she was hearing, i recognize there must be something moving around in the ductwork, this is the only explanation that I can recognize of that makes sense.

So I called our local Heating and A/C corporation to have them come out and do a full inspection of our ducktail to see what was going on up there… The Heating and A/C tech was at our house many hours after I called, I am sure they could hear the sound of panic in my voice. After spending about many hours in the ducttoil the Heating and A/C tech said she found mice droppings up there. I had a feeling it was going to be something love this! So I had the Heating and A/C tech schedule an appointment to come back out to our house and wash the ducttoil throology. I didn’t want to hear another mouse in the ducktail for as long as the two of us live in this house. I honestly hope cleaning out the duct toil and setting a few mouse traps helps repair the problem! That was such a scary night when the two of us heard the mice moving around up there.


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