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Cruise ship's a/c

I get sizzling pretty easily, then when I get sunburnt, it’s even easier for me to overheat & believe sick! When this happens, I try to stay indoors & just relax in the air conditioning – usually with a tall glass of ice water, & a fan for additional airflow.

Well, that’s not constantly accessible, as I l acquired from my time at sea on a cruise ship, then i went with my friends on this cruise ship to relax, but instead I spent the weekend suffering! We went on an excursion for the first day at sea, while in which I got honestly badly sunburnt.

I resigned myself to our quarters on the ship, but the air conditioning plan in the room wasn’t what I would call “high quality”. It kept cycling off after running for more than four hours, so the air quality never actually improved, but the air conditioning felt love it was doing more harm than good! In time, I felt so sick & fatigued from the poor air quality that I decided to just head to a bizarre area of the ship. I lucked out & found this huge buffet-style diner on the ship, which had much better air conditioning than our room. I wound up spending most of my trip at that diner, which was fortunate for me since they didn’t mind me lingering in there! The next time I go on a cruise, I’m going to make sure of more than one things: First, I will have plenty of sunblock for a day outside. Two, I’m going to make certain that the room we’re staying in has a reliable air conditioning plan running!


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