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Horror movie night soured by broken heating system

My wife and I are huge horror movie fans. Some people think that those who are obsessed with movies like this are deranged, but I think those people need to be a little more open-minded. After all, horror films aren’t all about murder and violence – sometimes, they’re just about being spooky. Usually, every Friday night, my wife and I will pick out a new horror movie based on what the Internet has recommended for us. We usually find something that’s a solid choice when we rely on the web for our selection, and we also order a pizza to enjoy while we watch the flick. However, last Friday we had a change of plans after the heating system broke down! It was frustrating, too – we were just about to start the movie, and the pizza was expected to arrive shortly. That’s when we heard the sputtering sound of the furnace shutting off. From there, the house was quiet – and the warmth of the house began to fade away, leaving only a chilly home. If we had been watching a scary movie about ghosts or haunted houses, it would’ve been really immersive! Instead, it was just annoying and inconvenient. We decided to change it up, and we would have to go out and see a movie in the theaters instead. There were no decent horror movies in the theaters when we went out, so we settled with seeing a comedy instead. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the genre choice, but at least the heating system at the movie theater was working. Plus, the theater had a nice air purification system running, so the air quality was better than what we usually have at home. Maybe the furnace breaking down at home wasn’t such a bad thing after all? Well, I’ll wait until after we get it repaired and receive the bill from the HVAC technician before I say that!

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