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Can’t get enough of sports

During my younger days there was a time when I was so warm that I literally thought I was gonna pass out outside as I was playing hoops with our friends, every one of us were messing around with outdoor hoops on a warm Summer morning just like average teenagers do.

The climate was severely hotter on this particular morning than any of the other days during the week, then as I was shooting the ball I felt our head starting to really hurt. I didn’t let it hinder me from playing ball at first, I continued to shoot around; Then I sat down for a moment to drink some water and I thought that was what I needed to cool off, but the chilly water only made things feel more intense. As I was gulping down the ice cold water I instantly felt our head having an immediate brain freeze and the pain was unbearable. I followed this by getting down in the shrubbery in the shade, but that did not help me much at all! My friends were coming over there to check on me, however I was consistent with telling them that I was happy due to the level of pride I was feeling. I followed this up by resting out the rest of the morning as they all continued to shoot around. And the longer I sat there, the worse things were getting. My body was so on fire that it felt as if I took a bath in some propane and then jumped down a burning chimney. This had never happened to me before, so I was silently freaking out inside as this was all taking location. After I could not take it anymore I told all of my buddies that I was gonna call it a morning and go in the home for the remainder of the morning. As soon as I walked in the home I instantly felt the cool air from the a/c unit and it provided me a breeze that felt so nice that i’ll never forget that crazy day! I have a feeling that all I needed after all was to be cooled down by the a/c unit inside our house. My headache instantly stopped and I started feeling normal again.
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