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I love sports!

During my childhood there was a time when I was so hot that I literally thought I was gonna pass out outside as I was playing basketball with my friends.

We were playing outdoor basketball on a hot summer day just like normal kids do, but the climate was extremely hotter on this particular day than any of the other days. As I was shooting the ball I felt my head starting to severely hurt. I didn’t let it stop me from playing ball at first, I continued to shoot around. Then I sat down for a moment to drink some water and I thought that was what I needed to cool off, but the ice cold water only made things worse. As I was gulping down the ice cold water I immediately felt my head having an immediate brain freeze and the pain was very unbearable. I proceeded to lay down in the grass in the shade, but that did not help me much at all. My friends were coming over there to check on me, but I kept telling them that I was fine due to my pride. I ended up sitting out the rest of the day as they all continued to shoot around. And the longer I sat there, the worse things were getting. My body was so on fire that it felt like I took a bath in some propane and then jumped down a burning chimney. This had never happened to me before, so I was silently freaking out inside as this was all taking place. After I couldn’t take it anymore I told my friends that I was gonna call it a day and go in the house for the remainder of the day. As soon as I walked in the house I immediately felt the cool air from the air conditioner unit and it gave me a breeze that felt so good that i’ll never forget that day! I guess all I needed after all was to be cooled down by the a/c unit inside my house. My headache immediately stopped and I started feeling normal again.

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