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Good hydration and AC is needed

When the temperatures are in the upper nineties and the humidity is just as high, you need to take certain precautionary measures if you work outside.

I do construction and mostly, I work outside.

I have a crew of people that work under me, and I try to make sure they are safe when working in these conditions. I learned the hard way, that if you don’t have good hydration and a place to seek some shade and/or air conditioning, you can put yourself into danger and it could become deadly. Heat stroke can happen quickly when you are dehydrated or overly hot. I make sure everyone wears a hat to keep their heads cooler. They have neck wraps that are frozen and wet, to keep their temperatures down. I always have coolers of cold water available and I make sure all of my workers take at least ten minutes every hour, so they can get out of the sun. There is a tent set up, and I have a portable air conditioners set all around the tent. If someone isn’t feeling well, there is a cot for them to rest. I have one of the best crews in our company and I believe it is because I give them the necessary things they need to keep them safe. The air conditioning and water is very important. Once dehydration occurs, death isn’t far behind. I’ve not lost a single person because of dehydration. I feel the air conditioning and water is the least I can do for those who work with me.

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