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It is cold in the hospital

Working as a receptionist in a hospital emergency room, is quite an important job.

  • It can also be a very uncomfortable job.

I sit right inside the emergency room entrance, which means I get the heat, humidity, cold, and exhaust of the ambulances, coming right into the door at me. The hospital keeps the emergency room at a cooler temperature than the rest of the hospital. I knew that this was done because of the spread of bacteria. When the temperature is higher, germs, bacteria and infections spread more quickly. I understand that fact, but it doesn’t make me any warmer. The air conditioning is always set at sixty-five during the summer. In the winter, the thermostat is set at sixty-five. Sitting where I do, the temperature is never able to compensate for the additional cold that comes through the doors at me. The HVAC system needs to be much warmer to get me warm. I was given a space heater for the winter, and my toes aren’t getting frostbite. During the summer, there isn’t much I can do. I do dress as if it is winter, even though it is summer. I worry that I will get sick, by coming into the air conditioning and being dressed so warmly. With the colder air, I know I won’t get sick, but there could always be a stray germ coming from a patient. I haven’t been sick yet, but it could happen. I know that if I were given the ability to change the thermostat, it could be dangerous, so I will wear heavier clothing in the summer, and enjoy my space heater in the winter.

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