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I hate not having air conditioning

I never thought I would need to go without air conditioning.

I never wanted to go without air conditioning.

I was always diligent in keeping my air conditioning unit serviced and maintained. I knew that it was important to have a service done every year. I also knew the importance of changing the air filters on a regular basis. I have no idea why I suddenly decided to not have the maintenance done anymore. Without my air conditioning system working, I can’t do much of anything. Knowing this, you would think I would have never not had the servicing done, but I did. I didn’t just miss one year of having the service done on my air conditioner, but I missed two years in a row, and I was quickly heading into the third year. It is funny how when you miss something once, every time you miss again, it is easier and you feel less guilty. I always looked at the maintenance and repair as being like my yearly physical for my doctor. Then again, I hadn’t been in for a physical in almost three years. When my air conditioning unit quit working, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Instead of surprise, it was a shock. I was shocked that I hadn’t seen this coming because of my lack of maintenance. I called the HVAC company and they came out the next day. I felt like I had lost the air conditioning for a lifetime. It took him all of five minutes to fix the AC and to add some coolant to the reservoir, and I was billed for an emergency call..


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