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Office comfort and productivity don’t mis

I know I shouldn’t have laughed at our manager, because he really did have intentions.

He just wanted to improve his status in the company by improving our productivity.

He was under the impression that if you made the worker comfortable with better HVAC, you could entice better productivity from them. The workers in our office didn’t need to be enticed or coerced. What they needed was to be replaced. There were a bunch of lazy louts in our office and they did as little as they could. Being a new manager, he thought he could change their work ethic, but he made them worse. He gave us all ergonomic chairs and keyboards. He put in a music system and he had the HVAC company install Zone Control. In theory, this should have worked, but not in reality. The comfort of better HVAC and ergonomic chairs, combined with soft music, only lulled most of the workers into a state of sleepiness and many of them were caught napping. Not only didn’t the productivity go up, but it ended up going down. When the head of the company heard about this, they were quick to take back all of the goodies we had been handed, including the HVAC. We still have our thermostats, but there are certain limitations that have been installed into the thermostat. In reality, there were lockboxes put over the thermostat and only a key could gain access to changing the temperature. The office manager is now cracking down on everyone who isn’t meeting a minimal amount of productivity. He has already replaced four workers, and those who have improved, get to change the thermostat to a temperature of their liking.


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