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We need better heating in the dorms

I know that it is normal for campus dorms to have poor HVAC systems.

I don’t know of a dorm dweller that hasn’t complained about the HVAC, including myself.

My daughter recently went to college and that is all I hear whenever she calls. She says it is so cold in the dorm and in the classrooms that she can’t concentrate. When she opted to go to a college that was up north, I was concerned. We live in the deep south and up until now, she had never been away from home. Recently she told me she made a good friend. Her roommate had bought her an electric blanket, which instantly changed their roommate status to best friends. She said that electric blanket is the only thing that is making the dorm room bearable. Even the classrooms have poor heating. She said it doesn’t matter where on the campus the classroom is, it is still going to be cold. Last month I sent her money so she could get some warmer clothing, and she sent every penny on sweaters and hoodies. Her grades are failing because of her concentration and I think it has to do with the HvAc. I am hoping that she decides to go to a school here in the south, next year. She won’t need to worry about the HVAC, but she will be without her friend. I’m thinking about writing the college and see if something can’t be done about the HVAC system. My husband is a HVAC technician. Maybe they will accept his services and let him try to make some changes to the HVAC system so it works better.

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