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The old donut shop

I know that most people love going to the chain coffee shops now.

They go in for their donuts and they get their coffee and there is even some good air conditioning to keep them around.

I am not into these donut shops. When I think of a great donut shop, I think about the donut shop in my hometown. One of these days I am going to grab all of my friends and take them back home with me, so they can go to the ‘Donut Shop’. This place has been in our town for over fifty years now. The original owner still shows up every once in awhile and the managers are all parts of the family. The bakers and manager change throughout the years, but they are all part owners and they take pride in their donut shop. I remember being a little girl and how my mouth would water when I thought about the smells that came out of the shop. I don’t think I could find another pastry, donut, or a cup of coffee that could be nearly as good as in the Donut Shop. Their air conditioning and heating is impeccable, and it could rival the best of any other building around. They take pride in the HVAC and how they give ultimate comfort to their patrons. They appreciate their patrons and they put them above everything else, so their baked goods are always fresh and the HVAC is constantly updated. I have a feeling the Donut Shop will be there for at least another fifty years and the only thing that will change is the HvAC.


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