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I won’t go to a restaurant without perfect HVAC

My wife was really angry with me a couple weeks ago.

We had planned to go this grand opening of a new restaurant.

We got into the restaurant and I was ready to walk right back out. I felt a chill run up my spine and yet there was sweat running down the back of my neck. It was so humid in the restaurant that I was sweating and yet the air conditioning was cold enough to make me shiver. At that point, it could have been the best food to ever be put on a plate, but I wasn’t going to sit in a restaurant if I wasn’t comfortable. She told me that I was an AC snob. I couldn’t believe she said that. I had never been a snob when it came to food and good HVAC. I was more interested in if the food was good, than if the HVAC was perfect. I used to think my friends were crazy when they would walk out of the restaurant simply because the air conditioning or the heating wasn’t perfect. I always thought that I could just eat faster and enjoy the food while it was hot. If the food wasn’t very good and the HVAC wasn’t very good, then I would leave, but that was about the only time. I hadn’t even given this restaurant a chance to justify the poor HVAC or to show me their food, and I was already going to leave. I apologized to my wife and we stayed. The food was the best plate I had ever been served in a restaurant. Halfway through the meal, the air conditioning had been fixed and the humidity had dropped substantially. She gave me the ‘I told you so’ look.

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