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A lifestyle change is needed for a new climate

I didn’t really plan on changing my lifestyle when I got my new job, but I didn’t have a choice. I took the job, knowing that I would have to move south. I wasn’t ready to take a job that was cushy and would give me a life that was sedate. I liked being able to get outdoors and run for miles. I wanted to play basketball and take my dog to the park and play frisbee. With the new climate I was now working in, I wasn’t ready for outdoors activities. My normal summer temp had always been in the low eighties. Here, the normal winter temperature was in the low eighties. I bought a house as soon as I moved and I put in a new air conditioning system. I also took the spare room and I turned it into my home gym. With my rowing machine, the bike, treadmill, and cross fit training, I can do all of my exercising and never need to leave my home. This wasn’t ideal for me, but it was the best I could do at the time. I would go to work during the day and come home to spend six miles on the treadmill while the air conditioning blew over my body to keep me cool. I used to run six miles first thing in the morning before I moved to the air conditioning capital of the world. I love my new job and my new home. The air conditioning is absolutely the best. I just wish I would soon adapt so I could get outside and be able to do more outdoor activities.


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