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Everyone needs a HVAC maintenance and repair plan

Most HVAC companies now offer maintenance and repair plans.

  • These plans are set up to make it more affordable for the HVAC customer to get regular cleaning and maintenance for their equipment.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential if you want your equipment to last and work properly. It improves the lifespan of the HVAC equipment and helps to prevent breakdowns. With proper cleaning and maintenance of the HVAC system will not just run better, but it will run more efficiently and your energy bills will be lower. Before the maintenance and repair plan, one maintenance call could cost $200 or more. Now, with the advent of the maintenance and repair plan, you get your furnace and air conditioning system cleaned and maintained and the cost is generally less than $200 for the entire system. Many HVAC companies will include an additional service call at no additional cost, and the only thing you pay for is the parts and service, but not the service call. I have priority service on my HVAC maintenance and repair plan. If I need emergency service, my HVAC company will put me at the top of the list for service, instead of needing to wait until my turn comes up. I save a lot of money and they will even call to remind me when it is time to have the service done, and they even set up text reminders for changing my air filters. If you don’t already have a maintenance and repair plan with your HVAC company, you need to call them and request one. If you don’t have a regular HVAC company, call around till you find one that offers a maintenance and repair plan, and get signed up.


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