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The HVAC System In My Garage

For years now, I have had this old HVAC system just sitting in my garage.

It was actually the HVAC system that belonged to the old owner of the house I live in.

I had thought about just getting rid of the thing as this old heating and air conditioning system takes up a ton of space and sometimes makes it hard for me and my wife to have both our cars in the garage. However, I have not got rid of it, because I feel that someday, I may find a heating and air conditioning dealer that may want to buy it. They could buy it for parts, or, they could buy it and fix it up to resell it cheap as an older central HVAC system. This is what I always figured. Well, after about 10 years, the day finally came where we had someone from a local heating and cooling company take interest in the thing. It was actually an HVAC specialist that was over at my home doing an HVAC tune-up. He had seen it in the garage and said that the company he works for has actually been looking for an old heating and cooling unit to buy and take apart to get HVAC parts out of it. I really think that this time, I am finally going to get rid of this thing, and get a nice little chunk of spending money out of it too! Next week, the owner of the local HVAC company is supposed to be coming to look at it and make an offer. I hope for the very best in all of this!


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