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Taking mom on vacation

This summer I was able to do something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time, and that was take my mom on her dream vacation.

My mom has always been a hard worker that hasn’t been able to do much outside of the country because she was always so busy raising my siblings and I.

The destination that we headed toward were the islands in the far south. We stayed at a lovely beach house with its own private area and had a blast. The air conditioning was extremely powerful and silent, and it was such a treat to come back after a long day of surfing lessons out in the sun and be able to cool down and take a nap. We never had air conditioning in the house growing up sadly, so my mother was soaking it up as much as she was able to. I even ended up reaching out to the local HVAC company who built and installed the a/c unit while my mom was sleeping just to see if they had any businesses near back home. Who knows, maybe for a surprise next year I can spoil my mom again with the air conditioning unit that she has always wanted in her home. It was such a blast getting able to spend all of that vacation time with my mom, and it was even better getting to see how much fun she had on her dream vacation. I have a good feeling that it won’t be the last time we head down to these islands!



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