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Courtside seats in the north

Last weekend while my husband was driving to work he called into a radio show in the hopes of winning some courtside seats that they were giving away.

  • By some sort of miracle he was the lucky winner and the following weekend we arrive at the basketball arena looking forward to a great night.

We live in the far north and it was right in the middle of a chilly winter so my partner and I were equipped in some warm weather gear. Boots, sweaters, you name it. Once we arrived and got to our seats however, we realized we had made a mistake! We had expected the inside to have some industrial grade air conditioning running in order to keep the court and surrounding areas at a reasonable temperature for the players, but that wasn’t the case. Instead of air conditioning flowing, it felt as if the had a heated gas furnace under every seat it was so warm and muggy. As we looked around us on courtside it appeared like everyone had got the message to be ready for the warmth inside except for us. I guess it makes sense for the stadium to have heating going, but what the heck are we supposed to wear to stay warm on the way to and after the game during this brutal winter? The game wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be and I got sweaty from players running by on me more than a few times. I think I will stick to watching games back at home where I can control the heating and cooling unit, the hotshots that have courtside can have their seats.


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