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It's better to be patient

My husband and I love each other very much, but we are two very different people.

  • Sometimes I honestly stop and wonder how the heck we are married to one another when we think so differently about things and have opposite personalities from one another! My husband has always been a person that when he wants something he needs to have it right now.

I love him, but that man doesn’t have a patient bone in his body. Myself on the other hand, I like to take it easy and let things happen as they may. My husbands approach to life usually doesn’t get us into trouble, but last week when we had our brand new heating and cooling unit it sure did. We had been discussing the possibility of installing a new heating and cooling unit for months prior to this. My husband wanted to buy the unit and have it installed as soon as possible, while I thought that it would be best to just wait and see what our options were. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t going to fly with my husband. A day later we had the new unit was installed and my husband was as happy as can be. Then the following week I see in the news that the same HVAC company was doing a one time only promotion to have radiant flooring installed for 75% off! My husband and I were so shocked we couldn’t believe it. In all reality that’s the only thing we have ever wanted to have installed in our home, but we missed the chance. I think after this brutal lesson my husband will be less pushy when it comes to important and expensive decisions.



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