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I obtained a humidifier for our den, and it has helped clear up our cold

I have always been a sickly person… When I was little, I can remember staying home from college a lot because of how sick I always was.

I had a undoubtedly low immune system, and our parents did all that they could to help me, however they did not have much money, then they took myself and others to the doctor whenever they could, however most of the time, I just fought the sickness with the help of our passionate mother who never left our side, but later in life, I found out that I have a couple of critical illnesses that contribute to our low immune function, so I have been able to argument back a little more than I used to be able to.

I still have to be undoubtedly careful about being around people that are sick. If I catch the regular cold, I will have it for weeks. It just happened to myself and others in December. I caught some sort of cold, and it took myself and others multiple weeks to get over it. I undoubtedly found that the greatest help to myself and others was our humidifier. I had never used a humidifier before, even though I genuinely wish that I would have tried to, after trying all of our familiar methods for curing the regular cold, I found that the worst time for myself and others was at evening when I was in bed. The air felt so dry, and I woke up irritated almost every day. I obtained a humidifier just to see if it would help, and it made the biggest difference! I am so glad I decided to buy a humidifier!

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