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My grandmother just gave me her fireplace

I have a very obsessive personality. If I find something that I like, I try and do everything to get it. It is a good thing in some ways, but it is definitely not always a good thing. It helps me learn things faster than usual which is nice. I obsessed over learning the guitar, and was able to play in a small band within three months. On the other side of things, I tend to buy things that I obsess over even though I know the obsession will only last for a year at most. I bought a lot of very expensive golf equipment one year just to find out that I did not really like golfing after all. Something that I have been obsessed with lately is getting a fireplace. It all started when I visited a friend who had a beautiful, electric fireplace in their living room. I fell in love at first sight. Not only was it a beautiful, cherry wood, but it did a great job of heating the entire down stairs as well. My friend told me that he had gotten a good deal on it, and I immediately decided that I needed a fireplace in my house. One day, I was telling my grandma about my friend’s fireplace. She told me that I could have her fireplace since she wanted an excuse to buy a new one anyways. I thought she was joking at first, but as I went to leave that evening, she asked when I would be back to pick up my fireplace. I went back the following day and picked up the fireplace. I love it when my obsessive dreams come true, especially when I do not have to pay for them.

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