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Horrible HVAC client

As a certified HVAC worker, I see a lot of ridiculous things on a monthly basis.

My task requires me to visit homes in the area, to service plus update any HVAC concerns.

Some homeowners are a dream to work with. They schedule their biannual HVAC services on time plus have little to no concerns. Most of the time, these homeowners are welcoming plus give us no concerns. On the other hand, I’ve visited some homes that have been an absolute nightmare. For example, I got a call about a apartment that said their air conditioner wasn’t working regularly plus their weekly energy costs were decreasing quickly. I showed up at the apartment a few minutes early, but nobody answered the door. I called the number they gave, plus they said they would be at the apartment in a few minutes. I sat in their driveway for a full third before someone finally showed up. The shopper got out of the motorcar with fast food plus a fresh pop without apologizing. When she let me in the house, she let her sizable pet loose plus he was running around barking for 10 minutes. Through the chaos, I asked to see her air filter. She had no system where her air filter was kept, plus left me to find it on our own while she ate in the kitchen. As an HVAC professional, I found the air filter plus was dumbfounded to see the dirty air filter on the ground with no updatement in her AC system. When I asked the shopper about it, she erupted plus started yelling at me for insuating she was dumb. As you can imagine, she still hasn’t paid me for our time.

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