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Keeping the cooling on

The seasons changed rather fast this year, it went from Summer to Winter in a single morning, the only concern is that when I changed the control unit from air conditioning to heat, it didn’t change.

The air conditioning stayed on, but cold air continued to pour out of the vents plus I could hear the compressor kicking on just the same as before.

It was clearly time to call out the professionals although I didn’t suppose who to call, but should I call the furnace or the air conditioner repairman? Once I looked it up, I discovered they are a single plus the same plus go under the title HVAC repair; An HVAC worker was able to come out the next morning plus explained the situation. It seems that there is an internal switch inside of our HVAC idea that tells the idea to turn on the heat or the air conditioner. This switch was fried in our system. In short, our idea was stuck thinking I wanted the air condition on still. The worker would have to order a new switch. In the meantime, I had to make do with space furnace since our furnace still would not work. Thankfully, it was not super freezing yet so this was workable for the time being. The new area came in within a couple of mornings too so the worker came back plus got our central heating working well again. It is funny how little thought I give to the workings of our HVAC until something goes wrong. And yet, I depend on it every single morning.

Cooling install

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