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Sky lounge issues

I care about to guess I’m an experienced traveler; My task requires myself and others to fly at least twice a week, & I holiday in new sites whenever I can; Whenever I’m flying out of my hometown airport, I ask my spouse to drop myself and others off at the airport. This past time, he had other plans while in the time when I needed dropped off. Instead of wasting thirty dollars on a taxi, he agreed to drop myself and others off a few hours earlier. I had some work to finish on the computer anyway, so I agreed. I arrived at the airport several hours before my flight, which was just enough time to get things finished up on my computer, however one of the perks of travelling so often for work, is that I have enough corporation miles to kneel in the lounge. When I entered the lounge, I settled at a desk & began working. I noticed that it was warmer than normal inside. I was dressed in my company attire, so I couldn’t eliminate any clothing besides my sweater. I tried to focus on my work, but it was only getting warmer as the time passed. I confronted the receptionist at the desk, & he apologized for the inconvenience. Apparently, the lounge was having some technical difficulties with their private Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. It wouldn’t be fixed for a few hours, so he gave myself and others a voucher for a guest & an additional several thoUSAnd miles. It was too hot to remain in the lounge, so I had to spend the rest of my time waiting at the gate. It wasn’t nice & quiet, but at least the air conditioning was working & I didn’t guess care about I was melting.

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