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An interesting sight to see in the vents

I have seen some odd things while working in the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C industry, however rarely have I ever seen anything that scared myself and others though.

Sure, climbing on a roof or into an attic can be a little alarming however there is never anything shocking involved, but there was this a single time, when I was doing a routine vent cleaning, that I got quite a freight! Let myself and others start by saying I labor in the Northeast region as well as so the two of us don’t have a lot of bugs.

That’s why I was shocked when I opened up a vent as well as a crucial tarantula fell out. I mean this thing was crucial. It was absolutely as giant as my hand. After my initial shock, I grabbed the bucket I use for water leaks as well as localed it over the giant spider. I assumed it must be a pet of the homeowner. The client, whose vents I was cleaning, was an older woman who did not strike myself and others as the kind who keeps pet tarantulas as pets however who am I to judge. So I finished the vent cleaning as well as then asked her if she knew the spider. She did not as well as was rather worried to suppose that it had been crawling around in her vents. I didn’t bother telling her I suspect it had been there for years based on all of the dead bugs, as well as years of exoskeletons I found while cleaning the vents as well as also because there is no way the spider could have gotten in or out of the covered vents covers at the size I found it. The spider must have escaped from somebody as well as made its lake house in her oil furnace vents. Anyway, a long story short, now I have a giant pet spider as well as a odd story to go with it.


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