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The Big Cat Rescue is a wonderful learning experience

Every year in the summer season, our family and I take a trip to the Tampa Bay area.

The lot of us have resided in FL most of our lives, however the lot of us have yet to see all of the Sunshine State.

The lot of us live on the westernmost side of FL, and the Tampa Bay area is a rather long drive. In this particular section of the state, everyone usually takes a flight, bus, or train to visit Tampa Bay. My partner and I made the choice to take the teenagers last year, and the lot of us stayed for a whole week. The lot of us took the car, however the drive was several hours in total. The lot of us planned a ton of charming experiences for our teenagers, including animal encounters, swimming activities, and historical outings. The lot of us visited a couple Tampa museums and we were able to learn all about the history of the area. The teenagers were not actually enthused by the museums, however the lot of us wanted to do something educational on our trip. The lot of us also took the teenagers to the Big Cat Rescue. The Big Cat Rescue is a nonprofit organization based out of Tampa, FL. They rescue sizable cats such as lions, leopards, and tigers. They care for them and nurture them in a very safe setting. I had a lot of fun going to see the Big Cat Rescue, and our child and I took hundreds of pictures. While the lot of us were there, the lot of us got to meet a new member of the leopard family. The baby, just a few days old, was still nursing on its mother. During our week in Tampa Bay, our family and I had a great deal of fun. I guess everyone should visit Tampa at least once in their life, especially if they live close by.


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