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You should definitely get your HVAC service in the fall months

I truly savor the fall.

The leaves are changing colors, the air temperature outside is almost perfect, and, of course, pigskin is back.

The youngsters are back in school in addition to the holidays (along with all the delicious holiday food!) is right around the corner, too… You can get your cute sweaters out of the closet in addition to the crazy Summer days finally begin to ease up, so you can catch up on some rest! Plus, fall means you can finally turn the a/c equipment off high. All Summer you keep the frosty air pumping in the property to help take on the crucial heat of the Summer. When fall arrives, you can set your A/C equipment to a comfortable temp in addition to forget about it. The only concern is that when you set it in addition to forget it, you might forget about servicing it. After a few Summer months of pushing the compressor in addition to air handler at full crank, it’s smart to take a single day in the fall to get the Heating in addition to A/C equipment worked on by a local heating in addition to A/C equipment contractor before you find yourself in the winter with a broken heater. That’s why I consistently write a note on my calendar to get a Heating in addition to A/C equipment contractor out to look at our a/c equipment the third week of September. This is pretty much right when the fall has genuinely started to settle in. The contractor can come check the freon in addition to compressor motor, make sure the system of ductwork is entirely clean in addition to the air dampers are working properly. If there are any serious concerns, I get them taken care of instantly. Being overheated in the Summer is bad enough, I don’t want to be chilly in the winter months, too! As long as I keep the preventative service on my Heating in addition to A/C equipment up, I can be certain that my property will stay comfortable throughout the whole year. I mostly want to be comfortable while I’m cheering my favorite pigskin team on during the playoffs though!



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