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The night breeze is really like a natural air purifier when we go on holiday

Going on holiday in the Summer months is something I always do with my other half.

Right before the Summer comes along, the two of us always start planning where the two of us are going to head out to, and what would be best to get away from the terrible heat where the two of us happen to live.

This year, the two of us thought it would be nice to go back to the east coast where I am from, and spend a week by the beach. One thing about the area the two of us prefer to go, is the air quality is absolutely amazing! I have never experienced such fabulous natural outdoor air quality anywhere else in the whole country! Sitting by the ocean and beach late at evening is totally relaxing. The evening breeze that comes along with it is something like a natural air purification system that takes care of the whole atmosphere. We truly enjoy sitting on the back deck of the beach property that the two of us rent, have a lovely glass of wine, a small fire going in the firepit, and just breathe in that natural wonderful air quality. We pretty much always keep the deck door open that faces the family room, and the two of us have the air conditioning equipment set on a low temperature on the temperature control. Having the air conditioning equipment working with the pure nice outdoor air quality makes our beach property totally nice! If only the two of us had this type of air quality back at home, the two of us wouldn’t have to spend so much money on a quality whole-house air purifier. But, at least the two of us have this enjoyable week of holiday every year to find amazing air quality, breathe and relax!


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