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I’d like to take advantage of my heater

My wife and I recently rented a lodge at the beach for a week-long holiday. We decided to escape the freezing snow of the northeast and travel south. We were looking forward to swimming in the ocean, lying on the beach, and getting a perfect tan. We packed shorts, T-shirts, sandals and bathing suits. We also made sure to buy a whole bunch of sunblock. The average temperature in that region at this time of year was supposed to be in the upper eighties.  Unfortunately, the two of us arrived during an unexpected and unprecedented freezing snap.  The temperature only climbed into the low fifties during the day and dropped into the upper forties at night.  The lodge the two of us rented was only equipped with a/c.  There was no access to any type of heating, and the two of us just about froze to death. We had to go out and buy much warmer clothing. The two of us easily enjoyed the shopping trip, because the stores were heated. We went out to eat for every meal, just to take advantage of the furnaces at the many diners.  Occasionally, the two of us sat in our rental car with the heater cranked up. We certainly took many hot showers and wrapped up ourselves in blankets.  It was not the most enjoyable holiday, and my wife and I were eager to get home. Although the temperature back home was only thirty-five degrees, and it was snowing like crazy, the two of us had access to our gas furnace. The first thing we did upon returning was crank up the heat and huddle under blankets on the couch..  

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