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Broken air conditioning system on a rainy day

There are these moments in life that seem to be just as symbolic as they are in books and TV shows.

Rain, for example, is always seen as a sign that change is coming. Is that change good or bad? Hard to say, but in the case of my broken air conditioning system, I would say it was good! See, last week my A/C unit apparently suffered the last of a long line of system failures. Usually I could just shut the air conditioning unit off from the thermostat, then start it back up after about fifteen minutes. Everything would be fine, but not this time! Instead, it stayed broken. To make things worse, we had a monsoon-like downpour of rain all day and night! Flooding in the area was bad, so no heating and A/C technicians could make it to our home and work on the A/C unit even if they wanted to! our home had to be without air conditioning for over 24 hours. In that time, the house managed to stay fairly cool, but incredibly humid. During that heavy rainstorm, I did some research online to locate alternatives for air conditioning that would be more reliable than my current system. I was able to get a quote for a much newer version of the A/C unit I have now, which allegedly was far more efficient with energy use! Obviously I couldn’t get the A/C unit replaced that day, but I had a team of HVAC technicians working on that installation the following week.

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