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Where can I find a good HVAC man?

I was having a problem with my HVAC system and I knew that I had to call a HVAC technician to look at it.

I called a friend of mine and I asked if she knew of any good HVAC technicians in the area.

She had no idea, so I talked to the woman at the local grocery store and she told me that her son was a HVAC technician and he had just opened his own company. He was looking for new business. She gave me his business card and I thanked her for her help. When I got home, I called the number on the card. When the man answered, I just assumed that he was a receptionist and I asked for the name on the card. He started to laugh and told me he was receptionist, technician and owner. He hadn’t hired anyone yet, but he had time to come over and look at my HVAC system before he went home. Two hours later, the most gorgeous hunk I had ever seen was standing at my door. He had on a HVAC technicians uniform and he told me his name was Michael. I invited him in and he went right over to look at my ductless HVAC unit. He told me that all the unit needed was to have a little bit of dust blown out of it. He sat down to tell me about the unit, and I told him I was new in the area, and looking for a job. I didn’t know how to ask him if he was married, but I didn’t need to. He told me that he had a receptionist job to be filled, but he didn’t want to mix business with pleasure.

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