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I need to move my bed tonight

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and she told me that I should set up my bedroom in Feng Shui manner. I thought she was crazy, because I had no idea how I was supposed to do this. I knew what Feng Shui was, but I had never considered setting up my house in this manner. She told me that not only would I sleep better, but I would feel better and my karma would change. Before I knew it, she was coming over to my house after work and helping me to set up my bedroom. I was going to call her and tell her that I something else that had to be done, but I knew she would just come the next day, and probably without forewarning. She walked in with Chinese, since she hadn’t eaten and neither had I, and she walked into my bedroom. She took a slow walk around and told me where I needed to place everything. It took us an hour to get my room switched around and I had to admit that my room looked like there was more space. That night, I didn’t feel any different when I went to bed. I noticed that my air conditioning seemed to be working better. When I moved the bed, I also moved the way I was getting exposure to the air vents and the air movement. The airflow was now directed at me, and I was feeling more of the air conditioning. I woke up feeling more refreshed, but not because of the Feng Shui, but because my bed was finally in the position for me to enjoy my air conditioning more.

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