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My condo association won't let me modify my HVAC system

I thought that I would always want to live in a detached house with my own yard. Apartments always felt cramped and my family was forced to live in one during my early teen years while things were tough financially and my father had been recently laid off from a career job. But, I soon found myself realizing some of the positives of that lifestyle compared to caring for and maintaining a large 1,500 square foot house. The cleaning never seems to stop; I’ll finish one area of my house, go on to the next, finish a week later, and then realize I have to start over from scratch because of new dust and dirt accumulation. So, I made the tough decision and put my house up for sale. I had a buyer in just two weeks after the listing went online. This time, I decided that I would rather own a condominium where all of the extra upkeep outdoors is done without me lifting a finger. I was able to buy a slightly smaller condo with new renovations and appliances for around half the price I got for my house. With the extra money, I could make a few changes or modifications of my own. I liked the air conditioner somewhat, but it felt weak and I didn’t like having my return vent at shoe level along the floor. Aside from circulation issues, this is terrible for filter upkeep as all of the dirt and dust tracked around on occupants’ feet goes directly into your air conditioner filter. I wanted to correct this with a new air handler and a few new return vents forking off into the two bedrooms. But, that’s when I found out that my condo association restricts any sort of major modifications to the units short of buying new countertops, cabinets, and plug-in appliances. Things like HVACs and clothes washers and dryers are considered structural in the by-laws of my condo association.

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