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Not how it was planned

For my wife’s 40th birthday I was planning to make it the best one yet by throwing her a surprise party at her favorite place, the bowling alley.

I even invited some of her friends and family who live halfway across the country to come and make the surprise extra special.

Up until the day of the party everything seemed to be all set to go. Then the day finally came, and so did the unexpected problems. When we arrived to the bowling alley and we were setting up I noticed that it was extremely warm and stuffy. Not long after the manager came over to me and told me that the air conditioning unit had broken down on them last night. He also said that the had reached out to the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company to try and get a certified HVAC repairman to come over in short notice to get the a/c up and running, but the company had told him that they were totally booked for the week. Due to some extremely good luck, my sister in laws boyfriend had travelled down with my sister and he was a certified HVAC repair tech. After a quick inspection of the unit and borrowing some tools he was able to get air flowing back out from the a/c unit ten minutes before my wife was scheduled to arrive at the bowling alley. The party ended up working out just how we had hoped it to be, and my wife will never know that we were meer moments from her 40th birthday being a total disaster.
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