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Working a Manual Labor Job Without Heating and Cooling

When we first moved to the southeast, I was just a little kid, but my brothers and sisters were all older than I was.

My oldest brother was already in junior college.

He was studying to be a wastewater plant operator. My next oldest brother did not move with us, as he was in college up north and was studying economics. Back in those days, it was unheard of for college students to stay on campus during the summer, so he would come down to be with us when school let out. I always looked forward to it because he was my favorite brother. He would take me places and buy me ice cream and such. He always needed a summer job, though, because we did not have enough money to support him while he was in school. I remember he got a manual labor job working for the road crew. There was no such thing as heating and cooling for him. Well, of course, it was really a/c that he needed, since it was summer. He did not have any way of getting any a/c, however. The best they could do while working away in the hot sun was drink a ton of water. Every county vehicle came equipped with this gigantic cooler of water that the men drank all day long. The supervisor got to have a/c in his truck, and he would often let the guys sit in the air conditioning for their breaks. Sometimes, if the thermostat was reaching triple digits, the guys would go to a nearby store and soak up the a/c in there. No one got mad about it because a/c is almost necessary to keep from getting heat stroke.

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